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Storm Front Films is the production company of longtime collaborator, Michael Dennett. He has been involved with a number of Two Bits Productions both in front of and behind the camera. He has worked as a co-producer, an actor, a cameraman, a makeup artist. Most recently he worked as Director of Photography for the Two Bits film Discharge. He has also directed his first film, Brighter Tomorrow in association with Two Bits Productions.

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Growth Media Services is a full service advertising agency and a production partner of Two Bits Productions. They offer everything from television commercials to business cards.

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Richardet Design: Webdesign und Grafik, designed the look of our website, with his Rapidweaver Template. He is an amazing talent and his customer service is the best BAR NONE. I must have bugged him 5 or 6 times with questions and every single time, he answered me calmly and worked his rear end off to help us create this site. If you work in Rapidweaver, we recommend his templates.